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The Sax Place

In a standard overhaul I completely disassemble the saxophone removing all rods, screws, corks and felts. The body is cleaned inside and out. Each tone hole is checked to be level and corrected if necessary so the pad will fit properly without leaks.  Corks and felts are replaced. I play test each sax checking all notes and setting key heights so it will play as in tune as possible.


The Sax Place is a business in Fairfield, Iowa specializing in saxophone repairs, pad replacement, overhauls and adjustments for the midwest and beyond. We also sell saxophones in overhauled ready to play condition. I have personally overhauled hundreds of saxes from student models to vintage horns - tenor, alto, soprano and many clarinets. I offer a fixed price overhaul for $285 that will cover most saxophones. I also buy saxophones. So if your sax needs a tuneup, overhaul or just a specific repair please contact me.